Old Kings Lane is where my husband, my animals, and I have made our home.

It's the long drive that leads to our little farmhouse that is filled with so much love (and dog hair), it's the path surrounded by the beautiful farm that we're so lucky to live on. Here is where my childhood dreams are coming true, my menagerie come to life, my days spent outdoors, my hands caring for fauna (and the very occasional flora - my thumbs are not green, actually). Old Kings Lane is where we're living more slowly and more purposefully. It's where I paint, where I write, and where we make our livelihood.    


About Lindsay Meyer

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Jacksonville, Florida

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New Mexico + Texas

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Graphic Design at TCU


Animals. Especially horses.


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Mexico and all of its culture

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Ronald Reagan on horseback

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Dusty Boot a la Black Sheep


Cheese. Le duh.